Make a difference to those who need it most

This Ramadan, share a part of you. Something that inspired you, touched you and is dear to you. Maybe it will enrich someone’s life, bringing them the same joy and experience.

Share those moments by donating your favourite things at any
Majid Al Futtaim destination.

Our Cause

Share A Part Of You

There are lots of special memories attached to things that are close to your heart.

That football jersey with which you won the university championship. A story book which your grandpa read it for you. Or a toy airplane that inspired you to reach for the sky.

When you share these favourite things of yours, you pass on all the wonderful moments which you have enjoyed with them.

Come, spread the goodness in the month of giving with Majid Al Futtaim.

where are we helping?

how can i help?

To spread a smile on someone’s face this Ramadan, just bring your favourite toys, books, clothes or electronic items and drop them in the donation boxes at any of the following Majid Al Futtaim destinations:


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